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“At the level of common sense, the furthest one can go is enlightened conservative liberalism: obviously, there are no viable alternatives to capitalism; at the same time, left to itself, the capitalist dynamic threatens to undermine its own foundations. This concerns not only the economic dynamic (the need for a strong state apparatus to maintain the market competition itself, and so on), but, even more, the ideologico-political dynamic… capitalism can only thrive in the conditions of basic social stability, of intact symbolic trust, of individuals not only accepting their own responsibility for their fate, but also relying on the basic “fairness” of the system – this ideological background has to be sustained through a strong educational, cultural apparatus… What lies beyond involves a Leap of Faith, faith in lost Causes, Causes that, from within the space of skeptical wisdom, cannot but appear as crazy.”

(Zizek, 2008, In Defense of Lost Causes)


sanshistory is an endeavor to embellish and foreground this crazy dynamic.



twitter: @HenrySebastian3

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I am a full-time sales assistant, and an occasional correspondent from the belly of the beast. I am a graduate (with distinction) of the MA programme in International Political Economy at the University of Warwick; my dissertation was an interrogation of neoliberalism as an ideological configuration after the 2007 financial crisis.

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